Homeowners cannot help but wonder if their refrigerators have a mind of their own–breaking down just when they are expecting guests or turning sulky and refusing to do their jobs when Christmas is around the corner. These indispensable home appliances may or may not have a mind of their own but they do show signs of an impending breakdown, so their owners cannot complain much. They however, can keep an eye out for the following tell-tale signs that their refrigerators need repair:

* The refrigerator is making loud, clicking sounds Jennair Appliance Repair. The compressor makes it known that it is over-heating with loud, clicking noises. These sounds are produced when the unit automatically turns itself off as a precautionary measure. It may also be that the start/stop switch on the compressor is faulty and it is causing these loud clicks.

* The refrigerator is switching on and off automatically. A faulty condenser coil, fan, or motor are the most likely suspects when you find your refrigerator turning on and off on its own every few minutes.

* The refrigerator is not cooling. If your refrigerator is running but the food inside is not being cooled enough, then you can breathe easy that your compressor is not at fault. It may just be that the refrigerant has got exhausted and needs to be replaced or refilled. But the exact cause can only be ascertained by a professional and it is always a wise option to call in a BBB-accredited repair service company. These companies offer superlative services and you can be sure that your refrigerator will be up and running in no time at all and if it is not, you will know why.

* There is buildup of frost inside the refrigerator. The condenser needs to be replaced if you find ice crystals piling up inside the freezer.

* The refrigerator light is on, but the unit does not run. If you are really unfortunate, then a faulty compressor could be the reason behind this and you have no option but to go in for an expensive replacement. But call in a professional to ensure that no other causes, like a faulty temperature control unit or a starter relay, are at the root.

What not to do

The compressor is the Achilles heel of the refrigerator and also its most integral component. Many of the afore-mentioned problems with the refrigerator may originate from a faulty compressor. But homeowners should never try to tinker with the compressor motor, even when the refrigerator unit is switched off. Many refrigerator makes also have built-in capacitors that store energy even when the unit is switched off. You may have preserved the owner’s manual where you can check and also own a multi-meter to do the task, but it is always a safe option to call in a professional.

Some Tell-Tale Signs That the Refrigerator Needs Repair

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