Microwave ovens need to be maintained regularly, or there could be some serious consequences. Microwaves generally seem like simple and reliable appliances, but like anything that ages, things can go wrong with it. Any microwave oven that is getting older than say 15 years, should probably be checked. If you find that food is taking much longer to cook then usual, then perhaps it’s time to have a professional service done. They can test for radiation leakage or any other problems that the microwave is experiencing. They can also make a determination as to whether the microwave oven should be replaced. Chances are, that any microwave of that age should just be replaced. They are pretty inexpensive items, and the newer ones are likely to have more features and conveniences to make your cooking experience more enjoyable. Just in case your one of those avid do-it-yourselfers, here’s a warning.

Do not attempt to repair a microwave oven whirlpool stove and oven repair pasadena. This is a job strictly for professionals. Microwave circuits carry 3000 to 5000 and sometimes higher volts of electricity. One of the most common repairs that occur in a microwave is a worn out fuse, that gets zapped by a power surge. Easily replaced by a pro, and saves the need of buying a new microwave.

Simple Common Sense Cleaning

Microwave don’t need a whole lot of maintenance, but they do require some. Simply keeping the interior clean is good practice. Covering most foods with a loose top, will keep the food in the dish or on the plate you are microwaving with. Food particles left inside a microwave will eventually turn to carbon after being microwaved multiple times. Carbon particles can arc and present a fire hazard within the microwave. Another little tip to keeping your microwave clean, is to make sure anything you put in is somewhat ventilated. This usually just means poking a few holes in the food or the plastic containers your cooking the food in. This prevents the build up of steam pressure in whatever your cooking. Nothing like an exploding potato to create a big mess for the cook to clean up.

If Ya Can’t Eat It.

One simple rule of thumb for you people that like to find creative ways to use items in a way the manufacturer never intended. Don’t. If your not planning on eating it don’t put it inside a microwave. The only exception to this, would be the microwave safe plate or bowl the food is sitting in. It’s truly amazing hearing about some of the crazy things people have used a microwave for.

Microwave Ovens Need Love Too

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